Get in the right headspace...

Give yourself at least 45 minutes to get turned on. Seriously! Slow things down a bit and wait until you're fully turned TF on for sex that's even more mind-blowing.

Activate your senses to make sure you’re fully turned on. Candles! Lighting! Scents! Never underestimate the importance of ambiance, people.

Forgive and forget with some super-sultry makeup sex. All couples fight (it’s a part of a healthy relationship to have disagreements) but what better way to get into each other’s good graces again than with some vulnerable, tender makeup sex? If that’s not your vibe, there’s also must-have-you-now standing sex against a wall for an added layer of urgency. Either way, there’s a sexy way to move on after a fight.

Make sure you come first if you just started dating. Women often focus on their partner's orgasm and treat themselves as an afterthought. Since we're all creatures of habit, doing the reverse pays off in the long run.

Don’t be afraid to initiate. If your partner is usually the one who initiates sex, switch things up by showing them just how much they turn you on and flip the switch—everyone loves feeling like their partner just can’t resist them.

Read a steamy book before a date. You'll feel more sensual during the deed as you visualize a hot storyline.

Create a secret code that translates to sexytimes. Maybe "get me a dirty martini" means "let's blow this joint… and then each other."

Keep your sexts simple. If you're having writer's block, the hottest possible thing you can send: "I need you now."

-Source: Cosmo